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                发布日期:2019年03月15 08:59

                标签:大庄园集团 大事记 生态牛羊 庄园梦

                Grand Farm

                "Alliance Group has helped Grand Farm to upgrade and lift the standard of our operations, awareness on food safety, traceability and importance of brand building. We have reached a good understanding to embark on “Grand Alliance” – a plan to propel both companies into the next 16 years with even greater success. We have all the goodwill, friendship and strong mutual understanding to work very closely and scale new heights for the future. 2016 is destined to be an extraordinary and challenging year. We are strong business partners after all these years. We shall tackle all challenges together and scale new heights. The future is ours to build."
                - Xibin Chen, President, Grand Farm Chin 



                —— 陈希滨,中国大庄园董事长


                Alliance’s partnership with Grand Farm China began more than 16 years ago. Right from the beginning, the two companies collaborated closely together in order to maintain a market leadership position in a rapidly changing market environment.  This has involved Alliance supplying expertise, guidance and technical advice as Grand Farms have grown their internal processing abilities. In return, Alliance has been able to develop co-operative branding programmes with Grand Farms, and gain access to higher value markets as they evolve in China.

                Grand Farm owns 96 meat shops, operates 260 branded meat counters in selected hypermarkets and supplies over 1000 hypermarkets in China